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Stay True To You: A Poem by Alison Kate

Today we have a special guest post to share with you by a friend of ours named Alison Kate. She is a yoga teacher, healing coach, and advocate for young girls. Sharing our stories and our art with one another is such a powerful reminder that we are not alone in the way we feel, and that no matter the challenge, it will get easier. We hope you enjoy her words as much as we did.

Stay True to You

A Reminder Poem

I’ve been on the yogi path for 12 years now and continue to explore, deepen, and dedicate time and energy to my spiritual practice. The more effort I put into self-connection, the harder it gets to dishonor my body, mind, or soul.  When I act in inauthentic or disingenuous ways, my heart and soul screams at me to check in and realign.

Always choose love.

However, I still, all too often, fall into the mind trap of self-criticism – of where I am in relation to where I want to be, of my body compare to how I think it should look, and of the habits that I have, that I know do no good for my purity, evolution, and growth.  

I do truly believe that most of the negative self-beliefs and self-talk don’t serve a helpful purpose.  It’s better to move away from those patterns, accept myself exactly as I show up in each present moment, and consciously and intentionally do my best to be the highest version of myself from a positive framework.  To choice to simply be me – who I am deep in my heart and my soul. To honor who I am, the ways I am unique, and what I have to offer in the world.

As I strive to drop the self-criticism as much as possible, I know that I need to continuously ask and observe how I am treating myself, talking to myself, and assessing myself.  If I don’t, my critical mind can take over and it hurts my being, my confidence, and my ability to stay true.  

Unfortunately, self-criticism is a common thread in our culture, and I would happy to help others move away from it and towards self-love, as I navigate my own journey in this respect.

This poem came through me during a spiritual session and is now my ode to this practice.  I hope it can serve you in the same way. Or perhaps you will be inspired to write your own self-love note about your own greatness, your beautiful, and your divinity.

Sending you peace, clarity, and love on your journey.

Stay True To You Stay true to you my love You are all and everything you need Radiate, shine, and burst forth To show the world the magic you have to offer

Your eyes show truth, authenticity, and love Your hands heal, caress, and gently guide Your smile offers warmth, caring, and welcome All emanating from your beautiful heart.

You continually learn how to love you better Love all of you - body, mind, and soul Allowing you to also love others more genuinely

Your spirit is free of so many of the ties that used to bind Happiness, joy, faith, gratitude, and trust now there instead You come from angels my love

And, you will return there one day Proud, humbled, and content with how you served here on earth

Stay true to you my love And your perfect path is inevitable <3,