Most pre-teen and teenagers spend the majority of their time in two places: at school and on social media. The be more campaign strives to reach youth in both of these places in order to make the biggest impact on their lives. 

assemblies & in-school curriculum

We offer an evidence-based curriculum to teach the Be More core values in schools. We currently work with teachers of grades 6-8 to implement our 12-week curriculum, free of charge. The lesson plans are customizable to meet your school's standards and needs, and they have been designed so that any teacher can oversee them, regardless of background. We are also in the process of developing an elementary and high-school version of our curriculum as well.


We can also visit your middle school to give a presentation to the girls about body image, self-esteem and mental health. Topics will include: the effects of social media; body-positive language; diversity; self-acceptance; anti-bullying and more. These assemblies are a combination of large
and small-group exercises, an educational presentation, and an open-format conversation about a variety of topics to support mental and behavioral health.
Assemblies are hosted upon request and we will work with your school’s schedule,
student body size, and specific issues you’d like to address to accommodate your needs.

Follow-up: It is very important to us to maintain a close relationship with the schools who are implementing our curriculum, so that we can make it as impactful as possible. We often conduct surveys and focus groups of teachers and students alike to gain as much feedback as we can. We also offer after-school workshops for parents to come in and learn about what we're doing, and to provide them resources and tools to continue the conversations at home.

teens & mental health

New digital resources and documentary series coming soon. Stay tuned! 

We also provide Professional Development workshops for educators and school districts looking to learn more about facilitating dialogue on teens, digital wellness, social media and mental health. 

girl board

The Girl Board is a select group of young women who have dedicated themselves to the mission of Be More, and who are committed to embodying these ideals everyday while supporting the growth of the campaign. The Girl Board provides opportunities for leadership, growth and development and empowers girls to own their voice as a role model in their community. 


Coming Soon:

Our Sisters program is a mentorship program pairing young girls with young women in college sorority chapters to have more in-depth conversations about body image topics and build a relationship around healthy activities. 

be an entrepreneur program

We provide grants for girls ages 8-14 pursuing entrepreneurial endeavors, along with guidance for them as they are starting their business. Girls are required to donate a portion of their proceeds to a charity of their choice. Once this program is launched the application can be found here.

Trunk Shows: As a part of this program, we host events for young
entrepreneurs to showcase their product or service that they offer and present
their businesses to the public.

more than you see

This is our digital campaign to create a more empowering conversation on social media about acceptance, self-love, and anti-bullying. Our social media campaign will include sharable videos, photos, and hashtags for girls and women to participate in this mission in a big way. #morethanyousee